Decentralized innovations made easy, fast and scalable

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Why TrustNote Exists?

We believe the key to freedom of innovation in the digital age is decentralization. For new products and business models to flourish, we know that developers must be free to easily build with speed and scale.

We are here to challenge today's blockchains who have not embraced true decentralization, prohibiting the innovators and future thinkers from creating the change they want to see.

TrustNote exists to make development easy, fast and scalable, and to bring trust to an untrusting environment so you can - dream - invent - and create without constraint!

  • Fast

    The block sizes and block times of today's blockchains are limited, which means transactions exceed the capacity of a block will get stuck in a queue and you may just have to wait.

    Transactions in TrustNote are represented "as is" without being grouped into blocks, new transactions are verified immediately by nearby transactions without being put into a queue. This will speed up your transaction performance by getting rid of blocks and queues.

  • Scalable

    To achieve scalability many blockchains are adding single points of failure or tuning towards a weakened decentralized consensus, TrustNote does not agree such compromises.

    By decoupling double-spend detection from transaction verification and allowing transactions to be verified by nearby transactions in parallel, TrustNote can provide elastic scalability - adding more nodes or transactions, transactions will get verified faster and you will get higher throughput.

  • Developer Friendly

    Writing and executing today's smart contracts is hard, vulnerable and computational expensive, even for simple tasks like issuing tokens.

    TrustNote provides a verifiable, safe, and easy to use smart contract system supporting dynamic languages including non-Turing complete languages, you code in an easy language and straightforward way.

    Popular tasks like token issuance and management are provided as a service, no need for coding at all.

Proof-of-Work +


TrustNote combines proof-of-work and DAG ledger structure together to encourage fair and trustable peer election and ultimately reach a scalable consensus without compromise on decentralization and security.

Everything Connected

Four node types ranging from micro node to super node and a versatile architecture of wallet design provide an extensible, layered infrastructure to support smart phones, pc, server, connected devices, and even the things beyond…

Verifiable Smart Contract

Easily verifiable and safe to use, supporting multiple dynamic languages including fast and easy to use declarative languages which drastically reduces the difficulty of smart contract development and improves the performance.