TrustNote is largely based on Byteball's code base but also inspired by many other open source projects such as Bitcoin, DASH, IOTA, and Hyperledger Fabric. We are proud to be a donor of Byteball and we hope we can support more innovative open source blockchain projects in the future.


Lightweight architecture with smart contract system, supports app extensions and micro wallets


Optimized for high-concurrent and ultra-fast transactions, high-performance decentralized app development made easier


Full-fledged ecosystem and rich APIs inspire innovation and enable user-friendly blockchain apps accessible to everyone


Underpinned by Directly Acyclic Graph (DAG) and asynchronous transaction confirmation, supports high volume transactions with ultra-fast confirmation

2-tier Consensus

True decentralization approach based on DAG consensus and the original TrustME consensus, where the PoW algorithm rewards DAG’s healthy growth

4 Node Types

Four-tiered hierarchy improves the robustness of the network and enables the Internet of Things

Declarative Smart Contract

Easy to understand and safe to use, directly expresses various intents of the contract parties and fits for complicated application scenarios

Value Proposition

Supports high volume transactions with ultra-fast confirmation, fixes blockchain congestion problem once for all

Transaction fee you pay equal to the size of data, no ridiculous high transaction fees to worry about

A true decentralized public DAG ledger agreed upon the original 2-tier consensus model

Safe, easy to use multi-signature wallets with build-in P2P exchange, over-the-counter exchange supported

Fast token issuance engine, easy to build blockchain apps upon

Supports high-traffic apps like social apps, blockchain games, live-streaming apps etc., highly extensible


Meet the Team


Jeff Zhou

Founder & President, TrustNote Foundation

Jeff was a senior executive of a public listed company and he is also an expert on Blockchain technology, software engineering, and chip design. Developed many advanced technologies (including patents) and transferred those technologies into successful products, Jeff’s technical expertise spans across cryptocurrency, database engine, big data, IoT platform, operating system and video processing technologies. Since 2013, Jeff became a blockchain developer and CTO of a cryptocurrency mining hardware company, he developed a world-leading dual-miner that supports both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Jeff also served as R&D vice president of a Fortune 500 company in charge of building an Industrial Grade IoT platform and successfully developed the company’s world-leading IoT blockchain platform based on Hyperledger Fabric. Jeff was R&D Director of an IC design startup in charge of software and algorithms making invaluable contributions to the company’s IPO success in Nasdaq. Jeff also developed a world-leading mobile web browser which was later on acquired by Qihoo 360 (one of the top 5 Chinese internet companies) and became the foundation of Qihoo 360’s mobile web browser.


Robert Allen (British)

Co-founder of PwC’s Vulcan Digital Asset Services, Member of the Australia Payment Council

Michael Porteous (Australian)

Business Development Manager at ClickView, expert in the education & e-learning industry

Alex Birkett (British)

Mobile focused senior software engineer with 12 years experiences worked for Nokia, IBM, Opera etc.

Terry Reece (Australian)

Head of Clinical Solutions (ANZ) at Elsevier, marketing expert in healthcare industry with over 20 years of experiences

Allen Shao

Senior FinTech expert

Bob Lu

Global Marketing Director at Qihoo 360

Jeff Chen

Founder of Maxthon web browser

Zeyu Sun

Co-founder of Coldlar, Cofounder at NO Gravitation Investment Funds


Founder of UGChain

Dr. Cong Wang

Ex Bridge Water Hedge Fund Specialist

Sure Yang

Blockchain Investment Partner at EVERVC

Qing Zhang

Internal Control Manager of a Big 3 Crypto Currency Exchange, Banker

De Meng

Founder of (invested by K2VC, Source Code Capital)

Token Distribution

Total Token Supply

1,000,000,000 MN

(1 billion Mega Notes)

Distribution Policy

   Initial Offering: 500 million MN

Mining Rewards: 500 million MN

Reward Policy

6.79% of total mining rewards are given in year 1, after which decays year by year; 90% of the rewards are for miners, the rest 10% are for TrustNote foundation


Get Your TrustNote Wallet

Detailed instructions of how to use TrustNote wallet can be found from our blog